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It's a new dawn in the age of mankind...a time when Celts and Vikings roamed the Earth...a time for only the BRAVEN OFF-ROAD! No more whimpy tires that can't hold their more whining on the battlefield because you doen' hev the more sissies wanting to look pretty but na knowin' how to drive. 
Do Ye know about the Vikings?  And do Ye know about the Berserkers?!!!  They were known to shapechange and wildly go into battle decimating all they came across!

To "go berserk" was to "hamask", which translates as "change form", in this case, as with the sense "enter a state of wild fury". One who could transform as a berserker was typically thought of as "hamrammr" or "shapestrong" - Wikepedia

Berserkers (or berserks) were champion Norse warriors who are primarily reported in Icelandic sagas to have fought in a trance-like fury, a characteristic which later gave rise to the English word berserk.

These champions would often go into battle without mail coats. - Wikepedia

It's time for BERSERKERS to take charge!  And there is no better name for a Cross X tire!!!

Yes, there are hundreds of tires to choose from. Yes, a lot of them have swell names and promise you the world. Only a Viking/Scotsman can deliver you the world and look good doing it while wearing a Kilt (nah a skirt ye daft jackwagon).

We chose the name BERSERKER for a reason...and you can see from the pictures why. If we have to explain it to you, then ye have a wee brain and should be sacrificed for being the weakest link.

Freedom! Let Freedom Swing! (UtiliKilt joke). That's what Braven Off-Road is all about. We have brought you THE toughest, best damn looking UTV Radial tires on the market for use on everything and anything you want.

For those of you who have retired from the battlefield and need something that will tool you around on the pavement, the Ironsides Meet DOT Test Standards*, for (ATV/UTV Use Only) and designed for road comfort as well as #MADTRACTION!  #TractionINSANITY!

 So if you want a tire that:

1.  Will hold its line 
2.  Acts like a shock absorber to smooth out your ride
3.  Has incredible forward and lateral bite to keep you on course
4.  Bites hard and hardly packs up
5. Rim Guards - you need to protect your nuts and bolts because ye paid dearly for them and doen' want to scuff them up.
6. Siping - you always need the extra traction doen' ye?
7. Staggered Tread Lugs - increase traction and help wick away the muck.
8. Staggered Shoulder lugs - increases your ability to attack! STEP DOWNS - adds that extra Traction Insanity
9. * "DOT* for ATV/UTV USE ONLY"
10. Advanced 8 ply-rated Radial Construction
12. Can make an average driver look like a Pro!

TO BE 100% HONEST...THESE TIRES CAN MAKE AN AVERAGE DRIVER LOOK LIKE A PRO!  That's how awesome they truly are!!!!

(Patents Pending)
So buy the damn things a'ready!


28X10.00R12 8PR
28X10.00R14 8PR
28X10.00R15 8PR

30X10.00R14 8PR
30X10.00R15 8PR 

32X10.00R14 8PR
32X10.00R15 8PR

35X10R15 8PR - Oh yeah...large and in stock!

* DOT for ATV/UTV use only.  Please check your local laws and ordinances concerning UTV street use.

The dimensions are average values for tires measured on the measuring rim width at max psi. Individual tires may vary from shown data. 

Measurements are in inches and weight is in pounds.

Tire Specs may change at any time without notices.

Meets DOT Test standards* - (ATV/UTV Use Only).

The Berzerker tread design provides constant center patch contact, while offering fabulous off-road traction and a smooth ride on-road surfaces. For ATV/UTV Use Only!

*please check your local laws and ordinances concerning UTV street use.  Some ATV/UTVs are not street legal...SO DO NOT THINK JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE A STREET LEGAL TIRE THAT YOUR ATV/UTV IS STREET LEGAL unless the manufacturer says so!!!!


I wanted to tell you THANK YOU for the incredible product. After having your Berserker 30/14 tires for a full year and a half, I finally had to take them and try them out in Moab Utah. MY HOME territory! I have ridden them for 500 miles in the nasty sharp Northern Utah rocks for the past year, but finally made my first trip down to Moab in my X3. All I can say is that I am thoroughly impressed with the durability of the Northern Utah rock beating, but the traction in Moab was absolutely above and beyond what I expected. I have owned all sorts of UTV tires including Roctanes, Big Horns, Mongrels and now the Berserkers. I can tell you that without a doubt, the Berserkers are above and beyond the better overall tire from top to bottom. For the Moab traction, these are also the stickiest and grippiest tires I have taken to Moab over my past 5 years of riding there. And I have ridden there a LOT! I will most definitely purchasing more when I need them!

Thanks again for the awesome customer service and the incredible tires!

Chris Green | Omni Logistics