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The New 35" Berserker

The Most Extreme UTV Tire Just Got Bigger!

35X10R15 8PR


We own a utv rental company in Moab, UT. We have the Braven Berserker on ALL of our rentals. We have NEVER had a flat!

Scott McFarland - High Point Hummer Owner

My Braven tires have the best grip and durability I have seen in a UTV tire hands down!

Brandon Barnhart

The Beserker is the best point and shoot tire out there! 

Brian Parker

Traction, Tough, Durable and Predictable Handling! Thanks Braven we can now push harder then ever before! Devil Dog Racing.

Henry Alvidres


I wanted to tell you THANK YOU for the incredible product. After having your Berserker 30/14 tires for a full year and a half, I finally had to take them and try them out in Moab Utah. MY HOME territory! I have ridden them for 500 miles in the nasty sharp Northern Utah rocks for the past year, but finally made my first trip down to Moab in my X3. All I can say is that I am thoroughly impressed with the durability of the Northern Utah rock beating, but the traction in Moab was absolutely above and beyond what I expected. I have owned all sorts of UTV tires including Roctanes, Big Horns, Mongrels and now the Berserkers. I can tell you that without a doubt, the Berserkers are above and beyond the better overall tire from top to bottom. For the Moab traction, these are also the stickiest and grippiest tires I have taken to Moab over my past 5 years of riding there. And I have ridden there a LOT! I will most definitely purchasing more when I need them!

Thanks again for the awesome customer service and the incredible tires!



Chris Green | Omni Logistics